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In partnership with Laulima Kitchen

Limited space only


FEBRUARY 19, 2021 AT 6:00PM (CST)

This virtual cooking class is made to be interactive and feel like a party for you! See you in the kitchen soon!

Cooking Skills You'll Learn

Knife skills

Meal prep cooking
gluten-free skills

Poaching eggs

Label reading

Gluten-free spices

Cooking safety in a shared kitchen

Meet Erin, RDN

I’m Erin, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that specializes in helping people with celiac disease.

What makes me a specialist? For starters, I’m a celiac, just like you. I understand the physical, emotional, and mental hurdles you face every day because I’ve faced them too. Being a Dietitian means I’ve dedicated years to mastering the intricate science of how food affects your body. I know what really works and am here to help you get your life back post-diagnosis.


Meet Jenny Ching, The Chef Instructor

Jenny is dedicated to empowering people to feel confident in the kitchen. She currently is the owner of Laulima Kitchen, where she teaches virtual cooking classes specializing in simple, nourishing, and tasty gluten free foods. Jenny understands the difficulties of living with Celiac Disease and knows that learning to cook celiac-safe meals is more than just using gluten-free ingredients. During her classes, she incorporates kitchen safety tips, gluten free product recommendations, and time-saving cooking techniques. The term “Laulima” in Hawaiian roughly translates to mean “many hands working together.”

Jenny understands that Celiac Disease doesn’t just impact the life of the person diagnosed, which is why she encourages inviting friends and family members to also join her classes! Can you imagine yourself at a future gathering with loved ones where you feel confident in eating anything on the menu? With a little bit of time spent in the kitchen together, she believes that dream can become a reality.


Are you ready?

Gather with family and friends from the comfort of home and enjoy learning to cook something new!