The Ultimate Celiac Disease Guide

The Ultimate Celiac Disease Guide


Finally, you have a diagnosis. The doctors found the cause of all the pain and suffering. It’s a lot to take in, kind of bittersweet. Your doctor mentioned you needed to be gluten-free but left it at that. The frustration, confusion, and overwhelm set it. 


What are you supposed to do next? So many thoughts go through your mind. 


  • How do I get my friends and family to understand my new needs?
  • There are foods that are gluten-free, but not Celiac safe? What does that even mean? 
  • Will I ever be able to enjoy eating out with my friends and family again? 
  • Should I just burn down my kitchen and start over fresh?


I’m sure many more questions are going through your mind right now…


If you are ready to get answers to these questions and learn about all things celiac, this guide is for you. 


It covers the basics to help you better understand Celiac Disease, gluten in foods and what next steps to take to help you get adjusted to your new gluten-free lifestyle.

  • This Guide Covers:

    • What is Celiac Disease?
    • What is Gluten? 

    • List of Common Gluten-Containing Items

    • 4 Things Your Doctor Didn't Tell You

    • Gluten-Free Grocery List

    • Tips for a Celiac Safe Kitchen

    • and More!
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