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Why work with us?
We treat much more than just celiac.

We may be known for how we support our celiac clients, but we do so much more than that!

Our personal and professional expertise and experience in gut issues, food intolerances, autoimmunity, and weight management ensure that you are in good hands. We are ready to use our knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goals.

My team and I focused on discovering and overcoming the fundamental cause of your health problems rather than treating just your symptoms. We offer two signature programs built to meet your needs, whether you are struggling with your gluten-free life or health issues beyond that.

We'll troubleshoot your diet and come up with a plan just for you so that you can improve your health, overcome eating challenges, and restart your healthy lifestyle!

▼        OUR PROGRAMS       ▼
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  • You've gone gluten-free, but still don't feel better.

  • You are feeling sick all the time, which holds you back from doing what you love.

  • You regularly experience symptoms like; bloating, constipation, fatigue, diarrhea, gas, acid reflux, indigestion, or weight gain.

  • You’ve tried other doctors to figure out your health concerns, but still don’t have any answers or guidance.

  • You want to have a healthier relationship with your body and your diet.

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your health & get support to create healthy habits.

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  • You don't have confidence with your current gluten-free life.

  • You are having a hard time adjusting to your celiac diagnosis.

  • You are not sure what ‘rules’ to follow to avoid all the hidden sources of gluten.

  • You have a child or loved one diagnosed with celiac disease who you want to support and understand.

  • You are having difficulty being social and eating out with friends and family.

  • You are stuck with what to eat and struggle to find good gluten-free options.


You’re about to get the BEST 1:1 COACHING which INCLUDES the following:

  • High-level support, month to month 

  • 2 live video calls with your personal dietitian a month

  • Weekly check-in points

  • Access to unlimited chat support with dietitian

  • Meal plans, resources, and healing protocols based on your personal needs

  • 3 month minimum


* Some policies offer partial coverage, click here to reach out to determine your coverage options.

$429 / Month

You will be receiving a detailed nutrition and health assessment, weekly video calls and email support from us so that…

  • You will be CONFIDENT about your health and nutrition needs.

  • You will be a MASTER of travel, dining out, cooking and consistency.

  • Have more KNOWLEDGE about your personal health and how to manage it without symptoms holding you back.

Testimonial (new)

"We are now confident in our ability"

Our young daughter had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease three months prior to starting to work with Rebecca. In the time that we worked with her, our three-year-old daughter gained over ten pounds and six inches. We are now confident in our ability to find safe foods and live without letting Celiac Disease dictate, and negatively impact, our social lives.


"More than just nutrition"

I worked with 1 on 1 coaches and nutritionist before but I needed somebody that was just more than just nutrition. I needed somebody that could actually knew about my hormones and how to help me get that back on track. 



"My daily health has also greatly benefited"

Through Erin’s guidance, I can manage celiac and still live my life.  My daily health has also greatly benefited from having her as a coach, as she has helped me understand the importance of consuming balanced meals with my new dietary restrictions.


"My life is forever changed now"

Working with Erin was probably the most life changing experience i could have had...  She is super receptive and her guides will not only help you but help everyone that is a part of your life. I really appreciate working her... My life is forever changed now.


emily Furr.jpg

"I can't say thank you enough"

I feel much more confident in how to make good choices for my body. I am very grateful for your help, experience and encouragement. Celiac and food concerns can be so discouraging and you (Rebecca) were so helpful to me. I can't say thank you enough.


  • Do I have to be in the United States to use this?
    No! While some of the chains are only in the US, that’s only a small part of the guide. The rest of the guide is filled with general tips for dining out as well as specifics for how to order at different cuisines. For example, in the Mexican food section, it will tell you exactly what to ask and look for when ordering tacos. That applies anywhere you want to get tacos!
  • The city I live in doesn’t have many chain restaurants. Is this for me?
    It sure is! There is a lot more information beyond how to order at specific chain restaurants. The guide is filled with general tips for dining out as well as specifics for how to order at different cuisines. For example, say there is a steakhouse in your town. How do you order there? The guide will tell you exactly how to order your meats, salads, side dishes, and more!
  • I have Celiac Disease, is this for me?"
    This is made EXACTLY for you! The guide was created by Erin, a Registered Dietitian, and veteran celiac. It was reviewed and approved by 3 other celiac nutritionists. The information in this guide is specifically made to help and equip celiacs with the tools and knowledge to dine out safely.
  • How do I get my guide? In the mail?
    Nope, it’s all electronic. You can print it out if you would like. But, most people like to have it on their phones for easy access whenever they are dining out. Once you purchase the guide you will be emailed a link to download your copy.
  • My question about the guide isn’t here!
    Shoot, sorry about that. Send me an email at and I will get back to you with an answer ASAP!
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