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Learn to read gluten-free labels like a pro with The Celiac Space's Guide!

Decode “Gluten-Free“ Food Labels Like A Pro – Without Spending Hours in the Grocery Aisle

Sound too good to be true?


If the thought of squinting at food labels while searching for gluten gives you anxiety and you’d rather choke down that stale protein bar at the bottom of your purse than struggle through one more trip to the grocery store...


You’re DONE being “tricked” into buying items with “hidden gluten” and suffering the painful consequences…


We have a solution for you!



The Celiac Space’s Label Reading Guide

Our team of Registered Dietitians who live with celiac disease, just like you, have compiled their 33 years of shared experiences to teach YOU how to decode food ingredients, just like they do.


Because, let’s face it, as celiacs, we HAVE to do our research when it comes to buying packaged foods.

But don’t worry. You don’t need a food science degree to learn how to read food labels.  And you don’t need to spend endless amounts of time searching online forums.


With our guide, anyone can become a label reading genius!


Download all the best gluten-free label reading advice, and let us hold your hand down those intimidating grocery aisles!

How do we do it?

We don’t just teach you what to look for on those complicated food labels. We’ll let you in on our Registered Dietitians’ proven method, using an easy critical thinking technique. With this knowledge in your pocket, you’ll be able to read labels and choose celiac-safe foods with CONFIDENCE.

We make learning to read regular and gluten-free food labels so easy, it becomes second nature!

Saving a few bucks on options you may have ruled out due to confusing labels​

Indulging those tastebuds with a wider selection of delicious foods

Making those overwhelming and lonely grocery aisle meltdowns a thing of the past

Dealing with fewer accidental glutenings that leave you feeling miserable and discouraged

The Celiac Space’s Label Reading Guide is perfect for anyone who’s avoiding gluten, including:
  • Newly diagnosed celiacs, drowning in conflicting information in online “support” groups

  • People who only feel safe shopping in the Gluten-Free section

  • Super-sensitive gluten-intolerant people who are suffering side effects on the daily

  • Everyone who’s dishing out serious cash to eat only Certified Gluten-Free products

  • College students responsible for their entire diet for the first time in their life

  • Concerned parents wanting to provide the safest nutrition for their celiac child

  • Anyone who just left their one and only dietitian appointment with a depressing two-page handout of safe foods

  • Everybody who loves someone with gluten issues

Ready to branch out from your store’s sad and skimpy Gluten-Free section and think like a dietitian?


Learn how to read labels to avoid gluten without second-guessing yourself. Our Registered Dietitians who have celiac disease have been through the same struggles as you when it comes to figuring out labels, and we could not be more excited to share our very best advice for making your life easier!


  • The low-down on what it means when a product is labeled “Gluten-Free.”

  • Our easy-to-follow No, Whoa, and Go system for analyzing ingredients on the spot.

  • The code words for hidden gluten.

  • Pictures of the FIVE currently officially recognized Certified Gluten-Free Labels. 

  • The keys to interpreting what a Manufacturer’s Statement is really saying about gluten.

  • Why Gluten-Free labels are different than Certified Gluten-Free labels.

  • A flowchart graphic you can use to analyze products for gluten, just like our dietitians.

  • What to look out for on an Allergen Statement.

  • Which oats are safe for celiacs

  • Companies you can trust to be 100% Celiac Safe

  • What the heck 20 ppm means

  • Includes 7 detailed videos, and more!

We've also included a current list of previously off-limits ingredients that are now celiac safe, thanks to updated manufacturing processes.

Your guide also covers an in-depth section on the “Rule Breaker” of the gluten-free label world.

This means you’ll no longer be in the dark when buying this particular brand that sells everything from soup to nuts.

Purchase your downloadable guide now, so you don’t miss out on


  • Stressing less over confusing labels

  • Spending less time in the grocery store

  • Shopping with the confidence of a Registered Dietitian


And most importantly, Living Your Gluten-Free Life to The Fullest!


Get everything you need to start reading labels like a pro for $29.99

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