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Cookie cutter won't cut it.

Get personalized help from professionals that understands you!  It's time to achieve your best health, gain the confidence to reach your goals, and live life unrestricted.

Living a gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t have to feel lonely and overwhelming. Under our guidance, you’ll learn diet and lifestyle solutions for your specific needs. We want you to get your life back. Starting now! No need to fight traffic or find a sitter— all our work is done remotely over video chat, phone, and email. Pick a time that works for you and let’s get rolling! 

Because our coaching is one-on-one, your program will be designed just for you. Don’t worry. we're not going to try to force you to eat foods you don’t like. And, we're not going to tell you you have to eat at home alone for the rest of your life either. We’ll show you how to live your best life- one that's happier and healthier.

By working together, we’re going to solve the puzzle of what your body needs to feel it’s best. We can’t wait to show you the power personalized nutrition has to energize your body and soul. Let’s get started on your journey!

We’ll show you how to live your best life - one that's happier & healthier...



We will have a video chat to get to know each other, discuss your current goals, struggles and decide which program is best for you.


In your first call, we will go an overall detailed assessment with you to get to know you more and come up with a plan moving forward.


Each program includes video calls, weekly check-ins, and unlimited support during the week.


Each week we will set small goals for you to work on. Throughout the program, you’ll be building the skills to reach your goals.


You’ll get access to PracticeBetter, an online portal for scheduling, messaging, video chats, resources and more. You can use it as an app on your desktop!


You’ll be able to direct message us during the week. We’ll be here to help you stay accountable and address any questions or concerns as they come up.


Overwhelmed by your new diagnosis?

Unsure where to start? Struggling to feel like yourself again?

Learn to navigate your new gluten-free life by relying on our expertise. We’ll teach you the ropes so you don’t have to sort through (so much!) conflicting information on your own.

Includes in-depth nutrition and health assessment, weekly video calls, and email support.​

  • Understand your specific health and nutrition needs.

  • Create your own gluten-free Celiac Space at home.

  • Learn the gluten-free go, whoa, and no foods.

  • Practice eating out and away from home.

* Great option for families & supporters of Celiacs.

Are you wasting countless hours researching online, only to end up more confused? Unsure if your nutrition needs have changed since going gluten-free? If you’re tired of feeling bloated and blah, and think your diet is to blame, we can help!


Our expertise applies to food intolerances, autoimmunity, and gut health, too! Together, we’ll troubleshoot your diet and come up with a plan just for you. Get ready to experience health on a whole new level!

In-depth nutrition and health assessment, weekly video calls, and email support.​

  • Build confidence in your health and nutrition needs.

  • Master travel, dining out, cooking, and consistency. 

  • Dive deeper into health, fitness, and lifestyle goals.


She delivers a perfect balance of information, empathy, understanding, strength, encouragement, and massively informed and knowledgeable answers to every question I have had, and situation we have struggled with. 


Upon my diagnosis, I was very confused, I was flustered, I didn’t know I’m going to do with this new lifestyle change and finding Erin was absolutely amazing and i am so grateful that i was able to work with her.


Get personalized help from the professionals that understands you!  It's time to achieve your best health, gain the confidence to reach your goals, and live life unrestricted.
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