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The Celiac App

We Make Celiac Simple.

The gluten-free app with answers YOU CAN TRUST created by people who get it…and live it!

Simple. Effective. Answers you can trust.

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You don’t have to keep feeling angry, overwhelmed, and left out all the time because you can’t eat gluten. 

The place where you FINALLY get inside access to a dietitian’s brain who has real-life experience with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. 


The place where you get ACCURATE answers to all your GF questions WHENEVER you need them.


Memorizing  rules and asking Google, “Is ____ gluten-free?” is a thing of the past!


Ahhhh, you feel that? Thats called relief friend. And this is just the beginning!

The Celiac App is the SIMPLE solution to help you experience a more carefree GF lifestyle… and you can start living it right now!

Developed by dietitians specializing in celiac disease and gluten related conditions.

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Your solution to enjoying the celiac journey.


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Discover what’s true and what’s not when it comes to cross-contact.

See why you don’t have to throw out everything in your kitchen! Learn how to reduce your risk of gluten exposure, what’s safe but not labeled, and why gluten-free does not always mean celiac-safe.


We know, where has this been my whole life? It’s so impressive, right? Take a look for yourself!

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How Can The Celiac App Make GF Life Healthier & Less Stressful?

Here’s what our clients are saying:


The FAQ section of this is so good! 

I have genuinely asked or wondered about the majority of these.



I’m finding new favorites at trusted places!

You can see the gluten free options for each restaurant. It’s so nice to see what’s celiac safe with the touch of a button. I have used this feature a few times now and it takes the research out of eating and saves me time!



The best tool to get all your questions answered!

I've been diagnosed with celiac for 3 years and I still learned information from this app! For anyone newly diagnosed, this is the best tool to get all your questions answered by a registered dietitian and celiac themselves.


Your solution to simplifying all things gluten-free. 

Lower your anxiety & increase confidence with The Celiac App.

Settle into the peace of mind that comes with finding reliable GF info you need —anytime you need it!

Here’s what our clients are saying:


It’s truly a time saver that I trust!

I can see various gluten free options in the product guide. I don’t need to go to four stores. I can also use it as a reference if I have questions. If I’m wondering what medications I can take, I can look in the app. Wondering if a label has no/whoa ingredients, it’s in the app, etc. It’s truly a time saver that I trust!



I love the product guide section...

I love the product guide section that gives great brands for each product you could need and where to buy them, but the best part is that you can see what products people love by the hearts on each product! Even 3 years later I am still finding new products that I didn't know were gluten-free, many of which came from this app!




An exceptional resource unlike anything else I have!

It provides a sense of comfort knowing that anything confusing or anything I'm questioning (how many names can wheat be listed as?!). I have the answers easy and at the ready.


Subscribers receive:

✔  All premium app content

✔  New gluten-free restaurant guides

✔  Seasonal product guides

✔  Access to growing FAQ database

✔  Dining out translation cards

✔  Medication & beauty product recommendations


$6.99 / Monthly


$59.99 / Annually

3 months free!

You don’t have to keep feeling angry, overwhelmed, and left out all the time because you can’t eat gluten. 

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